The break up


break upMaybe you’ve been lucky.  Maybe you’re not one of us.  But most of us have had at least one break up in our lives.

They can be messy.  They can be emotional.  The effects can linger for so long. “Breaking up is hard to do” go the lyrics, but that’s not always the case.

Take my Toyota Avalon, for instance.

We’ve been together for over ten years, a heckuva lot longer than many relationships out there.

It’s been a wonderful time; each of us giving the other everything they could want.  I’ve lavished the Avalon with the best things and the finest care; it’s responded by going everywhere with me with no complaint and total commitment.

And even though I’m leaving it for something younger, I’ll always retain the pleasure of our time together.

I’ve nearly completed the break up.  I’ve cleared away the baggage, cleaning out the trunk and the glove compartment.  Last to go will be the center console, where the strangely reproducing little packets of travel tissues reside.

Before that, I cleared away the remaining memories, good and bad, located in the navigation system.  I didn’t realize the Avalon stored even more memories in a separate part of the system.  I wiped those too – it was the humane thing to do (although I had a flash of 2001: A Space Odyssey when Hal was having his circuits removed).

The Avalon can continue on without memories or baggage from me, but I expect it will be some time before I stop reaching for a phantom knob here or a familiar resting place for my arm there.

The break up is coming, but at least it’s the rare one with only pleasant goodbyes.

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