Braving the elements


braving elementsIn a remarkable turn-around from yesterday’s storms, today was spectacular, allowing me to clean and prepare for the Birthday BBQ (just two days away).  Now, everything crunches together, time compresses and the laws of physics all seem to conspire against me.

Nah.  I’m used to it and it’s not that bad…except for one thing:  buying the BBQ meats.

Usually, with my birthday frequently coinciding with Memorial Day, the food stores will run specials for BBQ meat.  In particular, Western Beef tends to throw some big savings on “family packs”, which are usually 8 pounds or larger of whatever meat you’re looking for.  That works fine for a BBQ, but in order to get the savings you have to buy the “rough cut” of meat, meaning it hasn’t been trimmed of fat or cut down.

Fortunately, they offer the service of trimming and slicing your meat to your preference at no extra charge.  Unfortunately, this is all done in their special “meat locker”.  All of their meats are kept in a large, unbearably cold enclosure, with the butcher service located at the rear.  I can’t say what the temperature actually is in the room but I would hazard it is at most 50’s (possibly colder, or that could just be my Florida-born blood).  Perhaps one of my readers can comment.

The only way I survive the shopping trip is to dress in jeans, long-sleeve shirt and bring along a jacket.  In late May.  In South Florida.  Yar, it’s 87 outside with 90% humidity and I’m dressed for a ski lodge.  But that’s fine with me.  I made the mistake one time of going in for a “quick” purchase in my natural Florida guise (shorts and polo shirt).  Twenty minutes later, I looked very much like the picture above!

It’s worth it, though.  The meats are of good quality, the prices are budgetarily (yes, I made that word up) friendly and it offers me a wonderful reminder of why I would never live anywhere else.


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