Bracing myself for more pain


Some things pass from reality and memory swiftly. Others linger like a dank smell that you can’t locate. Sadly, I’m here to talk about the bad smell type and why I’m bracing myself for more pain.

Two Halloween’s ago, I damaged myself setting up my (then) new idea of a Dead Thing Pen. I thought time and care would ultimately remove that problem.

Unfortunately, age and activity have made a mockery of that plan and I’m typing this today with one of those bulky carpel tunnel braces on my wrist. It reduces, but doesn’t eliminate, the random sharp pains in my wrist.

The natural assumption, given the type of brace I’m wearing, is that I actually have carpel tunnel. But, I’ve begun to suspect a more nefarious cause of my pain: arthritis.

My family is genetically riddled with this nasty ailment, most of it stemming from my Dad’s side of the family. The reason I begin to suspect arthritis is because the last time I had such consistent, annoying and sometimes debilitating pain was in my shoulder.

That adventure, culminating in the inability to cast a fly fishing rod while out in the Everglades with Dad, led to arthroscopic surgery and long rehab on the shoulder (AC joint).

Though the wrist is less used in tennis than racquetball, still 40 years of tennis, plus fishing, plus bowling probably has worked its magic on my left wrist. Add in many years of computer work on the job and at home and modality is there.

As with last time, bowling was the “last straw” in my recent pain. I was suffering a bad night and already gave up my heavy ball due to wrist pain. Then came the final game and, as I cocked the ball to prepare to roll, I got an alarming shooting pain.

I had to place the ball back on the rack and my teammates were sure I was finished for the night. Of course, like the game in the linked post, I kept going. Pain is bad, but quitting is worse. Of course, I finished with my high game of the night (sounds familiar), but we still lost. Meh.

The league still has 20 weeks left. I will stick to my commitment. If we ever fielded a full 5-person team regularly, I would consider bowing out for a sub, but that’s unlikely.

In the meantime, I’ve purchased my first bowling brace. Supposedly, they are helpful for creating a better wrist angle for bowling, but I’m hoping the support structure will simply limit my wrist pain.

Based on my lack of motion in this carpel tunnel brace, I’m dubious of the value of the bowling version. But, it’s either bowling brace or bracing myself for more pain bowling.

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