Boy, we sure love free stuff!


free booksWe just can’t get enough!

My campaign kicked off last Friday on Goodreads, offering a giveaway for copies of the first novel in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy, “What if?”.  This will be followed by a similar offer on the second book in the trilogy, “What Next?”, leading to the release of the final book, “What Now?” in January.

The book had been listed on Goodreads for a few months.  During that time, six people added it and two reviewed it.  Not particularly surprising, given that I didn’t market it on Goodreads at the time I listed it there.

By the second day of the promotion, 235 people had requested it and 118 had added it to their reading list.  No, I’m not giving away 235 copies.

I presume there is a random selection process in the giveaway and then I will get a list of names and addresses to mail copies to.  I don’t know why people added the book to their reading list, as this is not a requirement of the giveaway.  I don’t imagine simply listing a book for a free giveaway suddenly makes it a compelling read.  My guess is that people think that having it on the “to read” list might increase their chances of winning a copy (I have no idea how the selection process works).

I am hopeful, however, that some spillover interest will be generated by (a) the giveaway itself and (b) the reviews that should result from at least some of the winners.  The books stand on their own as entertaining reads, but publicity is in short supply with the volume of books being produced and put up for sale in the new electronic world.  The fact that the giveaways must be print copies helps reduce some of the clutter, but the books will rise or fall, ultimately, on the quality of the writing.

Fortunately, I don’t have to offer my opinion (which actually would be more critical).  There have already been many people who have read and liked the books.  Only a few have posted reviews or comments to that effect, but they have made their approval known to me through other contacts.

I am happy to offer a wider audience an introduction into Jeremy’s adventures and I am eager to hear those new readers express themselves on his journey.  It should liven up the crowd clamoring for Book 2 when that giveaway starts.

Boy, we sure love free stuff!

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