My book ratings are falling…thank goodness!


book ratingsFinally.

The great thing about lovers of books is also the worst thing about lovers of books, namely, they read a lot of books.

Though I have sent out many copies of What if?, What Next? and What Now? over the course of three giveaways through Goodreads, an active reader who receives the book is unlikely to read it anytime soon.  That’s not a statement of value of my work, it’s a testament to the avid readers’ “to be read” (or “TBR”) pile.

As it previously stood, my books’ ratings on Goodreads reflected only a few readers and most of the reviews were highly rated.  Flattering as that is, the impact of the cumulative high rating is limited due to the small sample size.

Recently, my books have been making it up from the TBR stacks and into the R&R piles (read and rated – I’d love a different R&R – read and reviewed – but that’s an even smaller percentage of response).  Most of the ratings have been strong (3 to 4 stars) and yet they have the overall impact of “lowering” my ratings.

This is actually a good thing.  There are few books who hold up a super-high rating (4.5 or better).  The standard for five stars is a tough one to hit for most readers, considering the overall body of written stories out there and individual tastes.  Of course, simple math tells you that if the bulk of ratings are in the 4 range, then it will take a lot of 5’s to make up for those 3’s.

I am especially happy when one of those ratings is accompanied by a review.  By virtue of Amazon’s purchasing of Goodreads, any reviews posted to Goodreads ultimately filter over to Amazon as well.  The ratings alone do not transfer, so my numbers are climbing faster on Goodreads than on Amazon (at least until all three editions are back up for sale).

In the meantime, I’m thankful my ratings are falling.  It means my readers are rising!

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