Book ’em, Daniels!


book emSeven weeks until my 55th birthday.  Seven weeks and one day until I start out on my Great North American Baseball Road Trip (GNABRT).

Two conversations I have had in recent days have made me wonder about my original plans for where to stay on the GNABRT.  To illuminate these wonderings, let’s set this post to music (don’t worry if you can’t identify all the tunes)!

Roll with the Changes

My thinking has been to keep it loose and fancy free.  I can’t predict weather, disasters or other events that could interfere with the ballgames or my travel, so I figured I would just hunt up places on the fly (or road, in this case) and book them a day or two before I arrived.

Shouldn’t be a problem during a mostly holiday-free period of summer.

Closer to the Heart

During my conversation with my Uncle, though, he gave me two suggestions for hotels in Phoenix, both of which were within a half-mile of the stadium.  Would that make more sense, I wonder?  Parking at the hotel (or nearby garage) is probably no more expensive than at the park, assuming I could even find spots, and the rates at these hotels were quite reasonable.

The only question would be whether I could find this in every city (California and New York come to mind as potential problems).

Over and Over

Talking with my friend last night brought up another solid suggestion:  try to book at the same hotel chain and earn “points” or some discounts for repeat business.  This would reduce the amount of searching I would need to do on the internet and probably keep my prices in a relative range.

Drawback for this idea is what if the chain doesn’t have a hotel within a reasonable distance to my stop?

For the Love of Money

Of course, the easiest method is simply go for the cheapest price.  Staying away from home for two and a half months is going to be costly no matter what, so trying to minimize the actual lodging prices would be smart.

Having done a bit of traveling in my working days, I know the danger in this move and it’s not always as obvious as potential creepy-crawlies in the room with you.

All You Need is Love

Now, if all my friends would just offer for me to use their spare room (or floor), I would be saved a whole lot of searching and spending.

That’s just me joking.  Most of my friends have families and others are probably like me, not really set up for guests.  Which is fine, since I don’t want anyone feeling obliged to put me up (or put up with me).  Different hotels can be an interesting experience all in themselves.

Back Where You Belong

No matter what my eventual lodging arrangements end up, I will be ever so glad for my own bed and pillows after many, many weeks away!


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