Blueberry sneakers


I’m sure I’ve mentioned before (and after more than 1,000 posts, probably more than once) how much my shopping habits have changed.

Yes, Amazon has been a big part of that transformation, but I was buying off bidding sites like eBay and Qbid and whatnot long before my introduction to the megazoid that is Amazon. Heck, I was even using “normal” stores like Best Buy and Target online before Amazon.

But, yeah, once I became a “Primester”, my online habits shifted to overdrive. Stuff I never would have considered buying online became more acceptable, even desirable.

For instance, clothing. I just couldn’t see buying stuff you had to wear through an online outlet. Surely I would need to look at it, feel it, even check for sizes as appropriate.

But nope, the last two winter shopping seasons, I was purchasing shorts and shirts online. And they were great.

Only one resistance was left to conquer: shoes. No way could anyone buy shoes without trying them on first, right? I mean, that would be like purchasing a car over the internet without a test drive.

My first shoes purchased online was a cheat. My Merrell hiking shoes for the GNABRT back in 2015. I was able to “test” fit them at a local Sports Authority (now passed away to that giant shopping mall in the sky). So, those don’t count.

However, last year, my old college roommate tipped me to a sale Nike was having on University of Florida Gator sneakers. Orange and Blue, baby! They were like 50% off and I pressed the buy button immediately.

He warned me to get a half-size larger because his (and his brother’s) shoes had been too small. I ignored him and, while the shoes are snug, they’re not too tight, so I’m cool.

Just recently was Prime Day. I had been leaning towards trying interval walking but knew that would be unwieldy with my hiking shoes, so I browsed whatever shoes were on “super discount” during that 24 hour period.

I found a pair of New Balance sneakers at a ridiculous price ($20 vs. $80 regularly). I’ve been using New Balance for tennis sneakers for years and been happy in both the feel and performance, so I clicked the button quickly.

This time, I upped the size a half because I wanted to continue to wear my hiking socks (my feet rarely feel the beating with those heavy-duty socks). And, of course, there was that one last choice: color.

Hey, what can I say. I’m a blue boy. It’s my favorite color, hands down. I always wanted a blue car but the brands I bought all had putrid tones (oh for that awesome electric blue that Ford used).

The shoes arrived and they fit perfect with the thicker socks (a little more roomy with regular socks, but not really loose). Funny thing, though. When I was pulling out the paper and lacing the shoes, I could swear they smelled like blueberries.

Of course, it was my imagination, from the color, no doubt. More likely it was just that normal rubbery smell all new sneakers have when first removed from the box.

But, for just those few moments, I thought I owned a pair of blueberry sneakers!

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