Bloody good report


“Give it to me straight, doc, will I live?”

Apparently so.

The final tests are back and not only do I have blood, but a lot of it is good.

There’s rarely any excitement or mystery going in for my annual checkup except my blood work. Those are numbers I eagerly await with hope and crossed fingers.

I’ve got a lot of family genetics working for and against me (mostly against), so it’s the least “certain” part of my exam.

I put in a lot of work this past year and, despite some interruptions, I was thinking I should see a good report. The results suggest I was mostly successful.

Two key categories I made excellent progress on, one I made okay progress on and one I need to work on.

Cholesterol, everyone’s favorite diet-changing word, is a mixed bag. I’ve continued my decreasing of the LDL number, but the HDL slipped a little. One is still too high and the other has now fallen below the low range.

Dad takes a pill. My friends take pills. I do not yet and hope I won’t have to. I plan on redoubling my diet and exercise-based efforts in my attempt to naturally beat back age and family history.

I killed it on my triglycerides, which only means I’m still much too high per the recommended levels. Meh. Banning Coke from the fridge has helped. I guess I need to review some of my other sweet tooth weaknesses (as well as more well-disguised sources).

While I was in the waiting area to see my doctor (before my test results), a lady sitting across from me commented that I was in good spirits. I replied that I only had to come see the doctor once a year, to this point, so it wasn’t hard to be upbeat. She smiled knowingly and nodded.

Hopefully, I have more reports like this over the next few years. Having to only see the doctor once a year sounds bloody good to me!

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