Blogging on vacation


on vacationTime for my annual trip to spend Christmas week with my best friend and her family out in North Las Vegas (well off the strip).

During my vacation, I usually stop blogging.  That’s not because of limited internet access so much as limited time access.  She and her husband tend to keep me pretty busy with various activities and trips.

Plus my friend and I have been Christmas shopping together since before she left me to go out to arid (and cold) Vegas.  Our shopping trip is one of the highlights of my year, since we spend the whole day, unhurried, walking and talking and catching up as only in-person allows you.

In the past, I’ve put up a “best of” series, basically taking the highest ranking blogs of the year and re-posting them for those who might have missed them.  When I converted my entire website to WordPress recently, all that statistical data go wiped out (yoiks!), so I don’t have that option.

I have been considering doing a “my favorite blogs” since the dawn of time, since, with almost 450 posts, it’s unlikely you’ve read all of them.  I have to think about that.  My early posts were pure text, so I would have to add some images, but it might be fun if I have spare time.

I hope all of you have a happy holiday season!  I’ll see you on the back side of Christmas!

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