Blinded me with science


Sunday was nieceling day.

A previously rescheduled visit to Miami’s newly reborn Museum of Science ended up occurring on elder nieceling’s birthday.

The original trip was an idea by younger nieceling, who asked me if I was interested and also wanted her sister to go, too. It gladdens my heart to see the sisterly bond reappear after many years of intermittency. I’m guessing the fact that elder nieceling has moved out made both of them realize their familial bond is much stronger than any over-dramatized differences.

Of course, I love all science and my nieces, with whom I used to do many things together during their younger and more congenial days, so I was pleased as punch to provide the chauffeur service.

It’s a decent sized drive down to the heart of Miami and parking is always a bear, but those are minor issues. Of other concern was making sure everyone was back up north in time for the combo birthday/Father’s day dinner planned by younger niece (she was on her game this year, I must proudly say).

Before we even got in, the girls were mesmerized by a series of statues, from what I believe was a Mexican artist, of Chihuahuas. They posed for pictures and I had to take a picture of the one with the rhino on his head. I don’t know what that is supposed to signify, but, c’mon, it’s a giant chihuahua with a tiny rhino on his head…who wouldn’t take a picture?

After playing with a walker’s pug that happened to pass by at the same time, we finally made our way to the entrance to buy tickets. All of us underestimated the Father’s Day crowd and we stood for a while in line before younger nieceling decided to purchase online through her phone.

Drat that girl and her craftiness. She had tried to pay for parking and I had refused. She wanted to pay for tickets as a birthday gift to her sister and uncle (mine was last month), but I refused. I told her the dinner was her bag and this was my responsibility as their favorite uncle (also their only, but still).

But, she outwitted me by purchasing everyone’s tickets online and refusing reimbursement. I’ll get her at her birthday next month, the sneak.

Alas, because of the crowd, we weren’t going to be able to see the 3D movie and get back in time for the dinner reservation. Key safety tip for next time: buy in advance.

We all had a fun time, though a couple of exhibits were either not yet open or not fully complete. The girls, for some inexplicable reason, love jellyfish and there was a multi-tank display of them in the aquarium section. Sheesh.

Also, we got to see a life-size replica of the largest feathered dinosaur ever (don’t make me spell it). More selfies were taken. Huh. This was in the aviary section, of all places, which included a large photo of the earth from space. Yes, more selfies. (Please note, none by me. I take few pictures and none of myself.)

After a few hours, we headed back and wrapped up the day by stopping off at an Asian restaurant called Bento Cafe where the girls ordered, duh, Bento boxes. I simply went with a rice bowl, thank you.

On the way back, younger nieceling mentioned going up to Disney area and I told her Epcot is the place. Elder nieceling also liked that idea and both wondered why we didn’t go there instead when I took them to Animal Kingdom years ago. I reminded them that it was they, not me, who pleaded and cajoled about Animal Kingdom. I always want to go to Epcot.

I then offered no-cost Uber service to them any time they want to make a run up there and the prospect of another nieceling day to another location filled with exploration and science has me looking forward to that future date with clear and bright vision.

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