juicerAfter all this time, I should really know better.

Various circumstances have prevented me from getting to my fresh market for a few weeks. Over that span of time, I have shopped the local Publix and Wal-Mart for citrus fruit and been left grievously disappointed.

I decided to go against my better nature (and knowledge, see first line) and pick up a carton of grapefruit juice from the refrigerated section.

My first surprise was that these are no longer “half-gallon”. I guess I haven’t purchased one in a long time.

My second surprise was how bad the juice tasted. The “all natural” and “made from real Florida grapefruit” taste was anything but.

It was bad. It was gosh awful bad. It was like someone had been given a description of what grapefruit juice was supposed to taste like and then did their best to simulate it.


It made me wonder how few people must have really tasted fresh-squeezed grapefruit (or orange) juice. And not the type that you see in diners or restaurants that claim “fresh-squeezed”, that stuff tastes bad, too (though not as awful as the carton stuff).

Nothing compares to fresh citrus. No amount of scientific legerdemain can reproduce the sweetness and freshness of real oranges and grapefruits. It’s a wonder anyone would ever try a real orange or grapefruit if all they ever tasted was carton stuff.

Squeezing my own juice is costly. It costs more in money (probably about double) and time (a few minutes to squeeze and a few minutes to clean the juicer). But cost is secondary to taste.

My Mom always told me you can skimp on many things (e.g., Wal-Mart), but never on food. Always buy good quality food.

I’ve got an urge to cook up another batch of jambalaya, so I now have two motivating reasons to make a journey to the fresh market.

No more “fake” grapefruit juice for me. Blecch.

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