Blasts from the past


It’s a new year on the JMD blog and I find myself bogged down with mundane tasks I need to get done in order to make the site ship shape for 2012.

Accordingly, I’ll be re-posting the most popular posts from 2011 over the next week in order to give myself some time to do the “behind the scenes” stuff.

Rather than go for the ubiquitous “Top Ten” so overdone elsewhere, I’ll keep it down to the Top 5, which should give me just enough time to finish my tasks and get back to current posting.

What will I be doing during this “time off”?  Administrating.  Uneasy lies the hat of webmaster, but that is my role until circumstances warrant employing someone to take the job over for me.

My most significant issue is the vast quantity of spam attracted by the website, especially when the blogs are linked to external sites.  While there are competent spam blockers that the junk never reaches you, the unsuspecting reader, still the actual maintenance (deleting, banning, IP lookups, etc.) takes up a disproportionate amount of my time.  So I will spend a good deal of the next week searching for additional plugins that may better manage (and get rid of) all this spam.

Add to that some new application versions that require file and site backups and new applicaition installs, and I have enough webmastering to go around.  Feh.

Fortunately, I had a great time over the Christmas break (on my visit with my best friend in Vegas) and have enjoyed a remarkably nice beginning to the year, so there will be plenty to blog about when I “get back”.

Until then, enjoy the memories (if you’ve seen these before) or the fun (if you’re seeing these for the first time) as I take you on my “Best of” tour for 2011!

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