Blame and deflection are two poison pills of moving forward


When I was a kid, I found a lot of use for blaming. Mostly my older sister. Sometimes they were valid, in which case it was tattling. And sometimes it was not, in which case it was deflection. Then a funny thing happened. I grew up and didn’t need it anymore. Because blame and deflection are two poison pills of moving forward.

Let me use some real world examples of this based on two “hot topics” currently raging:


Obviously, after yet another mass shooting, this debate has come up again. And no one is taking action. And here are some examples why:

– The shooter would have gotten the guns somehow anyway. Deflection! As if everyone who is looking to commit a mass shooting has knowledge and access to illegal guns.

– The AR-15 is not an assault weapon. Deflection! Distract from the spirit of the issue by using semantical differences. It is an assault-style weapon.

Handguns can cause the same amount of damage. Deflection! Claiming that handguns can fire multiple bullets as swiftly sidesteps the reality that the damage caused from AR-15 ammo is much more destructive.

No, they’re not

– This is just a pretext to take away the 2nd Amendment. Deflection! First of all, no one can take away those rights anytime soon (as my blog of last week pointed out). Second, an assault-style rifle is not a practical home defense weapon. Thirdly, the idea that, in case of government subornment or collapse, citizens would “rise up” to defend democracy is woefully naive. Human nature what it is, most would first defend their home/property and then form small groups of like mind. None of this would be to “fight tyranny”. (An ironic twist is that the only president in recent memory who showed tendency towards tyrannical rule would be the current one).

– If you can enlist in the armed forces at 18, you should be able to buy a gun. Deflection! No mention is usually made of the stringent training, discipline and constant oversight for persons enlisting in the armed forces. Because none of that exists for assault weapon ownership.

– Even the Democrats couldn’t pass this bill when they had control. Blame! It doesn’t matter what legislation could or couldn’t pass in the past. Because, who cares? The question is, what will you do for the future?


There’s been all heck breaking loose recently as more and more evidence piles up against Russia. Forget collusion, simply look at the facts that clearly state Russia is not our friend (nor have they ever been our friend).

– The Russia “thing” is a hoax made up by Democrats. Blame! Heads of current U.S. intelligence, including the people hired by the current President all agree Russia has been and will continue to interfere in our elections.

– I’ve had nothing to do with Russia. Deflection! At least for the time being, depending on Mr. Trump’s guilt or innocence. Even so, four members of his campaign/administration have already pleaded guilty and admitted to multiple Russia ties.

– We’re considering a variety of actions to safeguard America’s democracy. Deflection! While the White House “considers” actions, the head of the FBI, under oath, stated he had not been given any direction from the administration to counter Russia attacks. The head of the NSA, under oath, stated he had not been given any direction from the administration to counter Russia attacks. The State Department was given $120 million to combat Russian meddling, Rex Tillerson used none. All three men are appointees of Mr. Trump.

– We’ve been tougher on Russia than Obama. Deflection! The House of Representatives passed the Russian sanctions bill 419-3. Then the Senate passed the same bill 98-2. You want bipartisanship in Washington? There you go. That was seven months ago. And the Trump administration has not implemented them.

– All this meddling started under Obama. Blame! The final straw. Who cares when it started? If Mr. Trump was as tough as he claims. he should welcome the opportunity to show his predecessor how a “real” leader handles this attack by a foreign power.

In both issues above, what we actually see is…nothing. Because, no one is taking action. Meanwhile more people die and more intrusions by foreign powers (particularly Russia) are happening.

It’s paralyzing forward movement and decisiveness. Because blame and deflection are two poison pills of moving forward.

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