Bits and pieces


No feature-length topic today, just some scribbles to keep those cards and letters coming. So, without further ado, here are some bits and pieces.

The short arm of the law

Keen-eyed readers can see a certain increase in rambleosity (hey, Merriam, new word here!) in my recent posts.

Using those keen minds along with those keen eyes, you should be able to conclude the weather is now improved enough for me to walk again.

And, of course, that means, I get my dander up over lack of law-abiding drivers (and just plain courtesy).

It’s the freaking law!

For example, two days ago, I was crossing a side street to (like the chicken) get to the other side.

Yes, I can see a car coming up the road. The car has plenty of time to slow down for the stop sign.

Of course, the car speeds up, forcing me to stop as it runs right through the stop sign. Meh.

The general belief that traffic rules only apply in traffic greatly annoys me. As if local stops signs and speed limits aren’t important if you’re on neighborhood streets.

Perhaps that’s because there are so few ticketed for local violations. Even after we have had two pedestrians killed in the last two years (both children, both by cars).

I would love that arm to get longer…

Prime redux

Better the 2nd time

I kicked off my cooking challenge this year with a beloved standing prime rib roast. And I killed it, too. Literally. Totally overcooked. The sad affair is clickable.

Try try again? You bet. Cue up Penn Dutch for another beautiful 2-bone rib roast. This time, I said, I will not trust the meat thermometer.

It is a replacement meat thermometer, sent by the Amazon vendor to replace the defective one. In respect of that effort, I promised to use it on my next prime rib.

But, I only planned for it to be a double-check. This time, I cook by my mental calculations.

The result? A darn fine prime rib. Also, the thermometer operated flawlessly. Hoo boy!

Puzzled what to do next

While I was looking for images for this post, I came across the cool item you see atop the post. Boy did this bring back memories.

Not of this cool item, mind you. I’ve never seen anything like that before, let alone owned one. But, I sure loved doing jigsaw puzzles as a kid.

Coolness in 750 pieces!

And, I see so many cool puzzled out there, just from browsing the images. For example, look at this one. Is that super cool, or what?

Makes me think I could even get back into puzzling again. I mean, I have this huge dining room table (seats 6) and I have this one not-so-large resident. I could run a puzzle on the table without even getting close to where I eat.

That brings up the only thing that ever puzzles me about jigsaw puzzles: What do you do with the puzzles after finishing?

You can glue ’em together and hang ’em like paintings. Grandma helped me do that when I was a kid. You can also break ’em up and stick ’em back in the box (done that, too).

But, and here’s the crux, do you ever go back and redo a puzzle you’ve already conquered? I know I haven’t.

So, what to do with the bits and pieces? I guess I can donate them. Seems about all that’s reasonable at that point.

Hmm, something to think about, at least.

In the meantime, it’s the end of the week, so I don’t have to do another blog for a few days. Hopefully, by that point, I’ll have something more meaty than bits and pieces.

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