Birthday BBQ D-minus 2: Refreshing the schedule


The rain is pushing back some of my needed Birthday BBQ preparations, most notably cleaning the patio. The upside to that is I have just enough time to post my final pre-BBQ blog. Welcome to Birthday BBQ D-minus 2: Refreshing the schedule.

Usually, I am still in The Boys fresh market at this time, trying not to get my toes run over while picking out delectable fruit and veggies. But, the shift of the Birthday BBQ to Sunday has created an opportunity for me.

Instead of waiting out morning rush hour today, I can reschedule The Boys for tomorrow. That switch means popping over to Publix today and doing my very light shopping there.

So light, I realize, that I only need three items: BOGO Coca-cola products, BBQ sauce and a bag of ice.

Zipping out early (before 8 am), I can see the rain is just waiting to pounce. Undaunted, but with an air of expediency, I drop off my glob of recycle plastic bags and head inside.

The first stop: BBQ sauce. My go-to BBQ base is Open Pit BBQ sauce. It has a zippy tang to it and has been a flavor I’ve been using since the 70’s. The praise lavished on me at my BBQ’s for my beans and sauce confirms that choice.

However, it has been some time since the last sale on Open Pit. I have waited and waited and none has arrived. I was down to my last two bottles (and a partial in the fridge). At one point, I even considered buying a new brand and blazing a new trail.

Bah! I should not have even entertained the idea. Publix, recognizing it is my birthday, put the Open Pit on sale (99¢ from the regular $1.85). Unadvertised special!

I picked up 6 bottles.

Feeling mighty pleased, I move on to the soda aisle. 2-liter bottles are BOGO this week. So, two regular Coke, one diet Coke and, just for odds and ends, one bottle of pink lemonade.

Digression: For some reason, the carton Minute Maid pink lemonade is no longer sold down here. No idea why, but it was tastier than the yellow stuff. So, I am pleased to find the bottled stuff, though it’s not as tasty as the refrigerated. End digression.

I zip over to the 10-or-less register (I have exactly 10). The clouds are now imminent. The taste of the air has changed. I slap my stuff in the car and push the cart back into the Publix.

Those 40 seconds cost me. I get into my driveway just as the downpour starts. Rats! Like yesterday, I wait it out (about 4 minutes).

Once inside, I empty my pockets (as always) and find my list: BBQ sauce, soda, bag of ice. D’oh!

Ah well, among my other tasks today is pulling out my BBQ supplies. Careful analysis of the heavy-duty plates suggest I could use another pack. So, a special Wal-Mart trip will be plates and ice. Problem solved.

Tomorrow (Saturday), I can head out early to The Boys, get my fresh market done while the elders are still mostly asleep and then begin the heavy-duty cleaning, slicing and cooking.

It’s a perfect rescheduling of tasks. Thus ends this report on Birthday BBQ D-minus 2: Refreshing the schedule.

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