Binge watching with bad posture

Binge watching with bad posture - the aches and pains from extended periods of TV watching while sitting like a pretzel

I don’t watch TV that much. I’m usually the person who can’t join the discussions about that series or the other. But, occasionally, I do follow friends’ or family’s suggestions. Then I have to deal with binge watching with bad posture.

Binge watching with bad eyes

Most of my concern in the past has been my bad eyes. Well, they’re not that bad, but I do wear glasses for distance and night driving.

So, as you might imagine, watching movies in a theater and, to a lesser extent, shows at home on the big screen, usually have me wearing the specs.

It’s not that they add all that much to the experience at home, after all, it’s only my living room. But, there is a discernible difference in sharpness when wearing them.

But, they’re progressive lenses and I still haven’t mastered them properly, some decade or so later.

I believe that’s why I have often felt either eye-strain headaches or just tired eyes during long stints binge watching.

Walking with bad posture

But, getting back to my posture postulation, I noticed a disturbing issue a couple of weeks ago.

After getting back into my walking routine, I was experiencing some indeterminate back pain. Somewhat to the lower back, but also traveling farther up.

Doing some research online, I discovered that the pain likely derived from my bad posture elsewhere that carries over to walking.

There are some simple physical corrections that can be made to try to alleviate the situation. I have been trying those recently, including periods when not walking. They seem to be helping.

Taking the bad posture on a binge

So, given my history with bad posture (Dad’s constant “sit up straight” rings in my ears to this day), it was nevertheless time to try out some viewing.

Obviously, I risked much, with the expectation of binge watching with bad posture, so I opted for a “light binge”.

A friend of mine had recommended the series “The Boys”. It also came up in a discussion with some people on social media. So, regardless of the fact that it was also the name of my favorite fresh market, I chose that series.

It was fine. A bit predictable. It had the necessary sex scene and lots of gore that seems “required” by cable series. The ending was what I had guessed. Still, it showed style and crisp writing, so I’d give it thumbs up.

Mind you, my experience with comics, mainstream and independent, have given me multiple creative views of the “power corrupts absolutely” dark side to superheroes, so the story may seem more original to others.

I did take a quick “Kindle Unlimited” membership (and immediately canceled) to read the comic book the series was based on and they are barely recognizable compared. Ah, it seems even cable TV has some reservations in pure adaptations.

The biggest positive, however, is that I did not seem to suffer any “side effects”. Neither from the eyes (I watched sans glasses) or the back. Perhaps my focus on better positioning is paying off.

Binge watching with bad posture

I’m not ready to say my bad posture is a thing of the past. Quite the contrary, it remains a constant mental (and physical) struggle to make those small lower back adjustments.

However, it’s just possible I may be more open to viewing additional series now. With the benefit of a courtesy Netflix access (thanks to the elder nieceling), I have plenty to choose from.

So, if I can avoid binge watching with bad posture, perhaps I will be able to talk to friends about some of the series they watch on TV for a change.

5 Responses to “Binge watching with bad posture”

  1. Sconce

    Jeff, like you, my wife is not a big fan of TV, however we have found some Netflix shows that she has enjoyed.

    Among them are:

    Star Trek Enterprise
    Travelers (Currently watching)
    And for the Creepy Crawly graphic novel kind of show – Stranger Things
    The reboot of Lost in Space was very good and not terribly similar to the TV show.

    Have fun watching, but “sit up straight” when you do.


    • JMD

      As always, you are a laugh riot…

      Stranger Things is on my list, as it appears different enough to appeal to my avoidance of predictable shows.

      I watched Enterprise many years ago, if it’s the one I’m thinking of with Scott Bakula (boy do I miss Quantum Leap).

      I’ll read the synopses on the others you mention. Although I may be doing more, I don’t expect to be a “major” binge watcher.

  2. Steve

    Hiya Jeff!

    If you are not comfortable with your progressive lens glasses, just buy a pair dedicated lenses for distance. Perhaps you are not aware that glasses can be much less expensive ordered online using the prescription you obtain from your local eye doctor. I have had great results doing that at a fraction of the cost I used to pay to buy glasses from the doctor. I have a pair of dedicated prescription readers as well as bifocals for driving at night and occasional use. The cost is barely over $100 for both from an online source, so need need to struggle with the progressive lenses. Just a thought…

    I am glad you sorta enjoyed my TV suggestion.

    • JMD

      I have heard that about glasses. I’ve been on the fence for a few years about “separating” the lenses. We’ll see.

      As for the recommendation, it was a good one. Throw away my freakishly uncommon exposure to the comics medium and the show would be quite imaginative. I am sure Amazon is getting quite the buzz from it.


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