Between me and beauty…ants!


Gosh knows I’ve posted about ants; heck, I’ve even written about ants! So, you’ve gotta know by now I have great affection for the little critters (well, except for the several hundred tiny sugar ants that parade through my kitchen every year or so).

However, they are really causing me problems these days. More specifically, these mornings.

Thanks to unseasonably dry weather down here (November set an all-time record low in rainfall and December came much too close), the neighborhood ants have had little to interfere with their construction projects recently.

Throw in the winter break from school and the walking/bike paths have been unpopulated but for a few walkers and cyclists.

The result of all that human and weather inactivity has been enormous progress by the ant population in extending their work beyond the fringes of the grass-lined path. If our county works were that efficient, we’d likely never have traffic delays!

Of course, as my linked post reminds you, I take extensive care to step around, over and by the efforts of those hard-working little bugs. In doing so, though, my attention is constantly diverted from many of the gorgeous sunrises South Florida has to offer.

Similarly, I don’t get to gaze up and around at the foliage and flora decorating my walking path. The two opportunities missed are a serious loss of serenity and beauty.

And all because of those industrious ants.

Now, I could start my walk on the south side, which, for reasons beyond my understanding, has practically no ant constructs across the walking path.

The problem with that plan is I have to first walk about a mile south before the path winds back east and by that time, I miss the most spectacular parts of the sunrise.

Just this morning, I walked the antless path west (towards the Everglades) and wound it north to the dog walk park. While this has two bonuses for me (romping furry four-leggers and a water fountain), it is the opposite direction of the sunrise.

I’m already leaving at 6 am. There’s practically no way I could bump that up earlier (to take the south path or simply get past the most prolific ants on the north path – about a mile and a half).  I would have to be going to bed at 9 pm!

So, until the next time change or a barrage of rainstorms, I’m afraid my concern for the safety and well-being of my neighborhood ants will continue to get between me and beauty.

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