Best not to think about it


paper goodsOccasionally, I get bizarro ideas for a blog post.  A rational man would ignore them and move on to another subject.  Fortunately, I’m not rational.

Probably at least once in your life (if not more) you have had the conversation or read something or seen something about how food is prepared at some of the places you eat.  Generally, the safest thing is to just not think about it.  I agree with that theory, but the warning was too limited for my imaginative (twisted?) brain.

I was wiping a spill off a plate with a paper towel so I could put some food on it when it occurred to me that I had no evidence that the paper towel I was using was “clean enough to eat off of”.  I mean, it comes from a paper factory, how clean could it be?  How many times in my life had I wiped something with a similar paper towel and not thought twice about it?

Of course, that led to a flood of like examples.  Paper napkins that we wipe our mouths with; bath products (tissues, toilet paper); party products (paper plates, plastic cutlery, plastic cups).  How antiseptic is that toothbrush we plunge into our mouth?  How clean are those Ziploc bags we dump food into?  Is that plastic wrap and tin foil safe to put around our leftovers?

It’s not something I obsess over.  Frankly, it’s not something I think about much at all.  All things considered, I think that’s best.

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