Best 70 bucks I’ve ever spent!


netgearI’m in love!

Ok, with some of my friends it would not be safe to have those two lines next to each other, but I know you readers think cleaner thoughts.

Last year, my internet provider, Comcast, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, switching me to their xfinity triple-play package at a cost that was the same as my regular internet/cable combo.  This also included a voip home phone, so I can direct all my telemarketing calls there.  Sure, this was one of those 24-month deals where the price will rocket up at the expiration, but I can consider my alternatives when that time arrives.  The only “catch” in the deal was taking on Comcast’s modem in replacement of my owned (but non-voip) router.

Initially, I had thought “no big deal” on that.  At the 24-month point I can either drop the voip or, as necessary, purchase a voip modem and skip the monthly charge.  In the meantime, the charge is less than purchasing a new voip modem/router.  So, “no big deal” seemed correct.  Except when my wireless connection to my Blu-Ray player kept dropping.

Those of you who stream movies through your TV or Blu-Ray player via a wireless connection have all probably had (at least) one issue of “network error” that was simply the wireless signal being interrupted (had to make that batch of microwave popcorn during the movie, huh?).  Annoying, but tolerable.  That was my life with my old Linksys router.  But the new Comcast modem was a constant stream of not being able to stream.

After several months of dealing with Comcast support technicians (and the Comcast guarantee!), including today’s horrible failed experiment in bridging the modem to my old router, I threw up my hands and howled (silently), vowing to never call Comcast again on the issue.  Instead, I zipped over to my local Best Buy (because it was cool out, I even got to wear a sweater!  I looked so adorable!) and benefited from visiting the store midday on a Tuesday…a blue shirt was immediately available.  More importantly, he was also knowledgeable.  He pointed out this cool thing called a Netgear Powerline 500.  Basically, it uses the electrical outlets in your home to create a “wired” connection to your modem, allowing a direct ethernet connection to your TV/Blu-Ray.

With a high-speed internet level like I have and this high-level connection, I have outstanding speed in my streaming connection now, making HD viewing sparkle on the TV and interruptions already fading in my technological memory.  These things are so tiny, too, that they’re almost unnoticeable (even if they weren’t hidden behind my desk and entertainment center, respectively).  And at the sick price of $69.99, it’s a solution far cheaper and more practical than anything else my previously uninformed mind could have imagined.

Thank goodness I’m finished writing for a while; I have a lot of viewing that suddenly became available to me.  Oooh, I’m in love and for less than the cost of a nice dinner for two!

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