Believers gotta believe


There’s a lot of interesting news in the world today. Lots of it is right in our backyard (in this case, I speak both metaphorically and literally). As usual, opinions outweigh facts. That is the customary recipe for inaction. That’s because, believers gotta believe.

I’ve already said my piece on the horrific shooting that occurred just 10 minutes south of me. I know parents and kids who were involved (though, thankfully, safe) in the incident. And there’s been a lot of great conversation prompted since then.

Do something!

Of course, the most ardent strike up ridiculous postures on both sides. High ground, in my opinion, goes to those trying to reduce even a single opportunity for a future nightmare. Still defenders will come up with their counter argument and faithfully support it.

Then, we have the not-so-shocking indictments in the (read my lips, Mr. Trump) ongoing Mueller investigation. Russians (foreign adversary, for those not following along) interfered with our election.

The crisis here is not how impactful the interference was, but that it amounts to an act of war. If you want to call it “cyber war”, feel free, but it is an aggressive act by a foreign adversary in any terms.

And the president does nothing.

He does not enact nearly unanimously approved sanctions. Nor does he defend the American way against foreign influence. He doesn’t even chastise the Russians. Some defender of democracy he turns out to be.

But, his supporters are still supporting him. Apparently, just like him, they are incapable of admitting a mistake.

Hey, you don’t have to roll back all your support for Trump, but you could at least not give it so unwaveringly. Unless you imagine he also walks on water, it’s likely he has made more than one mistake since taking office.

Not protecting America’s right to free will is certainly one of them. In my eyes. Perhaps Trump supporters want to keep thinking of all this as fake news. It makes them feel better about their vote in 2016 and less worried for the safety of their country.

That’s their right, of course. In America, we get to believe whatever we want to. And in the case of things like no gun control and no Russian interference, it sure seems like believers gotta believe.

Because the alternative would (and should) likely scare a whole lot more people.

2 Responses to “Believers gotta believe”

  1. Alan Browdy

    90% want reasonable gun control and background checks. Incontrovertible evidence that the Russians interfered in our election.

    Current administration will not act on either of these. I wonder why ($$$$) ?

    Let’s hope that November 2018 brings a sweeping change back to responsible government and civility.

    • JMD

      As mentioned elsewhere, civility has taken refuge for a time. It’s something we, as Americans, should not wait for our government to bring back. We are “The People”, we need to (apparently) show the government how to act properly.

      As for the rest, a little more focus on what’s happening now and a little less blaming everyone in the world (except Russia) would be appreciated from the denizens of 1600 Pennsylvania.


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