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fishing bearA few days ago, my publisher asked me for a few “fun facts” about myself for their social media campaign.  They wanted unique or amusing items that could be easily tweeted (which requires a brevity I find so challenging, I don’t even have a Twitter account).

I offered up a few one-liners to them and this blog is the result of my wanting to share one of them with you.  I may have gone over this long ago, but I think enough time has passed and even if not, it…er…bears repeating.

Many, many moons ago, when Mom was still around, we would gather together for the year-end holidays and eat and exchange gifts.  For the longest time, each year she would present me with a sports teddy bear.  Each year would be a different sport; golf, tennis, baseball, football, fishing, etc.  Some came in a display box, some were on stands and some were just bears.

I don’t know where she got the idea I wanted or collected sports teddy bears (or any bears), but each year was a new one.  I gently suggested one year I didn’t really need another one and, for a fact, did not know what to do with them (do I take the one in the box out?).  That year, I unwrapped another bear; my Mom smiling mischievously as I rolled my eyes at her.

Mom is gone, but the bears remain.  I looked all over the internet for pictures of the bears but was unable to find any (I thought for sure I would find an old one on Ebay).  Either I have the last remaining copies of these sports bears in existence or Mom was the only person to ever buy these.

They are in my outside Storage Closet of Doom, which I only risk venturing into once a year (for Halloween), so the picture in this blog is not representative.  I’ll have to dig one out and take a photo of it to post here one day in the future.  I’ll skip posting yet another blog on the subject, though.  That might be unbearable.

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