It’s been almost a year since I’ve written anything besides this blog and greeting cards. It’s been almost three years since What Now?, the last of my Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy was published.

And that’s about how long it’s been since I’ve gone out and just sat on the beach.

Oh, I’ve walked by it and eaten at restaurants near it, but actually just sitting and, well, whatevering at the beach…not so recently.

It seems that, in my mind, the beach became associated with my writing and if I wasn’t doing any writing then I didn’t need to go to the beach.

Now, normally, this would not be the time I would go to the beach anyway, as the cooler temps and higher winds make me uncomfortable. And that doesn’t even include the annual crowding due to snowbirds. Meh.

On the other hand, on a recent walk, my mind wandered back to my plans for a continuation of Jeremy’s adventures and I spent a good portion of the walk plotting out some themes and twists.

Originally, when I finished the trilogy, I decided to explore other ideas as opposed to being a “one-trick pony”. Never mind that I had further adventures I wanted to send the growing Jeremy off to and that I felt there was still some mileage left in the sketchbook’s origins to be explored.

As I look at it now, that was kind of silly and likely the cause of my significant absence from writing. First, because I actually enjoyed Jeremy and his cast of characters and next, because it was a classic case of overthinking that I am wont to do.

Writing should always be about what you like to write. If I wanted to write 20 books about Jeremy, then that is what I should be doing. There are more than a few authors who have spent their writing careers in the service of one major theme or character. A few of them are more than moderately successful.

The real takeaway I should have realized is that those authors probably had a tale to tell and didn’t feel an artificial need to “break the mold” before they had satisfied their muse.

So, okay, I’m resolved that I can rejoin Jeremy, Natalie and friends (I wonder if Mitch is still going…) without “locking” myself into some writing closet that I can never leave.

Now all I need is some warmth so I can get back to being beached – in the good way.

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