May 9, 2021

2 thoughts on “Battling against hope

  1. In past years, since my early youth, I have been totally plugged into Pro Football and since college, the Gators as well. This year, disgusted by the politization of football as well as concerned by concussion issues, I have not watched a down. I don’t know if it will hold, but I plan to find other things to do all season.

    1. C’mon, fellow Gator Nation member, it’s really not politicized. There was the one bit of orange nuttiness, but even that died down by week 2. Certain investigation results may have had impact on that.

      Plus, College hasn’t been nearly as controversial…except internally (hey, Urban!).

      But, not watching should actually provide less grief than what I am going through. The endless “when will they break my heart?” wait…

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