Battles in outer space


Or, more precisely, out of space.

As I recently mentioned, I’ve given up on trying to read via an e-reader (in my case, a Kindle). That leaves me in an untenable position, however.

Because, I don’t just like paperbacks (and hardcovers), but I like comics. More to the point, I like that comics are now reprinted in big, honking collections that allow you to read years of stories in a single bound.

And that, McFly, brings us to the unenviable space battle. What happens when the amount of books and collections exceeds my bookcases? Chaos! Death and Dismemberment! Fate of the universe! Dogs and Cats living together!

What you can’t see in the accompanying picture are two more bookcases, filled with my beloved old paperback and hardcover books. As I type, I am surrounded by all manner of science fiction, fantasy and imagination.

All of it on paper.

I have been forced to start “draining the swamp” in here…removing many support and reference books from the tops of my bookcases to enable me to shift the burgeoning volume of my storybooks into the overflow areas (the tops of the bookcases).

It’s conceivable that I could replace my three shorter bookcases with taller ones. That might gain me a year or two. Maybe.

Eventually, my books will force me to move out. They will stay, no doubt, but there’ll be no room left for me!

It’s as big and grand a battle as any of the many space battles that sit upon my shelves. Inner-galactic, if you will.

And, based on my stated reading preferences, it’s likely to be a never-ending battle.

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