Batman vs Superman

bats vs supesLongtime readers know I’m now into my fifth decade of reading comics. That’s right, from imaginative little boy to imaginative not-as-little-as-I-should-be man.

Throughout that half-century, my favorite DC superhero was always Superman.

Up until the millennial generation, that was because he was always more hero before super. Since then, he’s become just another aimless super-strong bully. That’s still better than the mopey homicidal guy in the movies (Great Caesar’s Ghost, how can you be mopey when you can fly?).

Then there’s Batman. He’s an unbelievably handsome billionaire with a genius-level mind and a body honed to the peak of human ability. Yeah, I’d probably be angry all the time if I was stuck in that life.

Still, 2016 marks more than their cinematic battle, it means I’ll need to choose one of the two using what I hope will be my newly gained super power:  super commitment.

Now that I’ve gotten my disturbingly lazy butt back to exercising and walking daily, I need to defeat my dreaded arch foe – the insidious Eating Habits. Holy dietary plan!

So, I can choose between being a Battle Against Triglycerides-man or a Sugar Usage & Physical Exercise Regimen-man.

Either choice should lead me to victory over my nemesis and safety and security for my body (not to mention size). Given my life-long preference and future hopes, I think SUPERman still beats out BATman.

Now, my favorite Marvel hero was always Dr. Strange (oh, for Lee/Ditko and Englehart/Brunner), but I can’t count on my health improving by magic.