“If not for bad luck, I’d have none at all”


bad luckLuck, na :  a force that brings good fortune or adversity; b :  the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual

How often do we fall back on using luck to explain life?  It’s become so commonplace, I doubt most of us even notice how frequently we conjure up the word as an “all-purpose” filler.

Recently, I had a spate of occurrences that interrupted my blissfully dull life.  Forget “Freaky Friday”, I had an “Absurd August”!

Bunched together as they were and being primarily negative, it gave the appearance as something more than coincidental…it seemed like a run of bad luck.

Except, what the heck is luck?  The definition doesn’t give much help.  If anything, it implies “luck” is an actual force rather than a perceived one.  So, gravity, electromagnetism, interaction and luck?

I use the word all the time and likely more than needed.  When I sometimes hit a shot more impressive than I expected on the tennis court, I “apologize” to my opponent by saying it was a “lucky” shot.  My anticipating the ball, being in position and striking it are not lucky, so why is the result lucky?

I don’t need to detail more examples, I’m sure you can find plenty in your daily lives.  It’s just, humans like to explain things and when we can’t we can either fall back on religious or mysterious reasons.

A whole bunch of bad things happening all in one month?  Just bad luck, I guess.

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