And awaaay we go!


away we goAnd we’re off!

“What Now?” has been released to my publisher.

Now the pre-publication process begins.  First there is formatting for printing and a final proof.  Simultaneously, the discussions with the cover designer begin.  Final confirmations will lead to a galley copy and the big “OK” on the book’s printing and release to the distributor.  After that, the book will be converted into the various e-book formats (for the proprietary e-readers) and marketing and publicity can commence.

The timing is a little squirrely with my vacation starting shortly, but I think the final proof can be released by year-end.  There is always a delay between the distributor placing the book out there and the various sales location “picking up” the listing, but it’s still conceivable the book could be live by mid-January.

Thanks go to my fans and my generous pre-readers for their support in hitting the deadline.  I think the book wraps up the adventures satisfactorily and I am eager to hear your feelings after you’ve read it!

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