Avoid corners for the next few weeks

Avoid corners for the next few weeks as history takes place during your lifetime. Don't listen with the left ear or the right ear.

Here we go. Living history. And our biggest mission is to avoid listening with our left ear or our right ear. Let’s try to avoid corners for the next few weeks.

Watching history for the next few weeks

Here are the numbers you need to know:



Over the entire history of our country, a special section of our core guiding principles, the Constitution of the United States, has only been invoked three times. And now, this week begins the fourth.

This is history. It is also uniquely American. No other country has so intimately and intricately tied duty and honor to its highest office. As Americans, we should all pause, consider this and feel proud. It is what has always made America so special among all the countries of the world.

Using your supercomputer

Each of us has installed in our operating systems a most powerful supercomputer. It’s safely encased between our ears.

Sometimes, those ears can be a problem. Because, we can easily allow what we hear with those ears to just fall to the mouth, without ever passing by that supercomputer.

It’s understandable. Because the computer is already churning away at work issues, family issues, bills, physical or medical problems, what to eat tonight, what to watch tonight, etc.

The thing is, that supercomputer is really, really powerful. There is a lot of misinformation out there about it. Such as, we only use 10% of it (not a fact). Or, that a person is left or right-brained (unproven).

The real fact is that our supercomputer is capable of a heck of a lot more than we believe it is. It’s not a capacity issue, it’s a belief issue.

We’re all smarter than we think (which is a weird phrase, when you think about it).

Avoiding the corners of no thought

The easiest thing to do sometimes is simply to say, “Enough. My brain is full.”

It’s fair, in some sense. It means more that there’s just too much data entry in the supercomputer to complete in a single day. We’ve all been there, especially in this information overload age.

But that’s the trap, though. Because we’re bypassing the supercomputer entirely and just letting someone else take over the programming input for you.

Don’t be a parrot over the next few weeks

Over the next few weeks, there will be hearings in the House of Representatives. If that body comes to the conclusion that breaches of the Constitution have been committed, it will be referred to the Senate for an actual trial.

All of us will get a chance to see and hear the real witnesses. But we don’t have to depend on a news channel or a twitter account to tell us what to think, we can see and hear and think on our own.

Get real, pal

Yes, yes, I know the prevailing cynical outlook. No one is going to make up their own mind since their minds have been made up for them already. Mostly without ever seeing and hearing real witnesses.

But, this will be televised. And, we know that means it will be available for replay for those of us not home during the live broadcast.

Here’s a novel idea: If you’re not available to watch it live and you lean Democrat, watch it off a Republican news site. And vice versa if you lean Republican.

So, let us step out of our red or blue corners and refuse to be told what to think. Let’s try thinking for ourselves.

Avoid corners for the next few weeks

In two weeks it will be Thanksgiving. Then it will be the month of December and all its holidays. The time for congregating more than usual will soon be upon us.

It’s an excellent time to meet, greet and converse with family and friends. Some people avoid politics. That’s fair. But, please consider, this is more than politics, this is history.

I’m hopeful that most of us will take the time to witness it and ignore noise from both ends of the spectrum. Let us make up our own minds and discuss those decisions this holiday season.

Probably the best way to do that fairly is to avoid corners for the next few weeks.