Aritificial intelligence?


This is not a fantasy.  This is not a tale of make believe.  What follows is real life; a depiction so eerie, so terrifying that you may have trouble sleeping peacefully tonight.  Read on, if you will, but beware, for you may feel a presence surrounding you that you were yet unawares…

They know.  That’s the only plausible answer.  It’s inconceivable, of course.  Silly.  Just foolish coincidence.  And yet…

About a year ago, I came back from a vacation to my childhood friend at his home in Texas.  During the time there, we spent a few hours (over several days) playing some video golf.  In the play room and in the living room, he had flat screen TVs.  He showed me how he had streaming video on one and the HD quality of the game and the movies was extraordinary.

I had an “old” HD set, previous generation projection type, and though it worked just fine, I now had an itch to replace it with this marvelous new technology.  When I arrived home from my trip, my TV was angry.

Now, you can laugh.  Sure, go ahead.  But what other explanation is there when, the day after arriving home my TV suddenly develops picture problems?  After 10 years of uninterrupted, faithful service?  Oh no, it knew what I intended, even if I had not yet made up my own mind.  Somewhere in its circuitry, it knew me better than I did.

Flash forward to a couple weeks ago.  During my last A/C repair (an expensive conglomeration of parts earlier this year), I signed on for the usually pointless annual “check-up”.  It more than paid for itself by applying the parts discounts to the purchase at the time, so, what the hey?

I called the company and set up an appointment time for today (which, of course, they messed up and now it’s Friday).  After hanging up the phone, I walked over to the thermostat and knocked it down a degree (from 78 to 77).  I was thinking that if I have to go through one more expensive repair on this thing I was just going to bite the bullet and spring for a new A/C.

About an hour later, I noticed I was starting to sweat in my office.  I turned off the overhead light, flipped on the fan and opened the blinds (for light), since the room often times got hotter than any other in the house (both from the western exposure and the large desktop tower).  I didn’t imagine anything else.  How could I?  At this point, I still didn’t know what I am now convinced of.

After a little more uncomfortable time, I walked over to the thermostat and was dismayed to see it reading 82.  I double checked the setting; yes it was at 77.  The A/C was just not turning on.  There could have been someone at the company that had remote controls to shut down people’s A/C whenever they wanted, but that’s patently ridiculous.  It was obvious what had happened:  the A/C was pouting over my stray thought about replacing it.

C’mon, you say, you’re making two unconnected instances into a conspiracy.  Yeah?  Well, try this one on for size, my Missouri-born friend.

Just Monday, I posted a blog about finally deciding to move to an upgraded computer.  I built it online and should receive it in a couple weeks.  How stupid could I be?  I typed the darn post right on this computer!

When I turned on the computer this morning, all I ended up with was a gray screen.  No desktop, no lock-up blue screen.  Gray.

Four years I’ve owned this wonderful computer and all that has really gone “wrong” has been the Ethernet connection.  And yet, one day after typing about my soon-to-be-replaced computer, the darned thing acts up?  Are you feeling that creeping chill?  Yeah, who’s paranoid now, smarty pants?

I know I’m taking a risk posting this.  The appliances will know that I know.  But I needed to warn you.  I needed to make sure you’re aware.  I needed to snap you out of that comfortable dependence and let you see for yourself.

They know!

Assuming this posts; assuming my incandescent bulbs don’t explode on me knowing that I want to change them out for energy savers; assuming my washing machine doesn’t flood my home because I’ve switched from using Tide brand detergent; assuming I can avoid some calamitous event from some conniving appliance I don’t even know to be wary of; now you know too.

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