Are you blue, too?


We have a lot in common.

Or so I’m led to believe, if I can make generalizations based on non-scientific surveying of a possibly statistically irrelevant sample size.

My favorite color is blue.  Apparently, a lot of you share my love and appreciation of the color.  It’s not that hard to see why.  In fact, it’s hard to understand why the color is so commonly associated with feeling downbeat (a subject in next month’s “Out on a limb”…don’t miss it!).

When I think about the color blue, I imagine the color of the pure blue cloudless skies so often witnessed during the “winter” season here.  I see the graduated green-blue to dark blue of the ocean as it deepens past the reefs and drops to unfathomable depths.  I see the cheerful powder blue on little baby boys and the brilliant electric blue lights dotting airport runways.

I have a lot of blue in my life.  Towels sets, cookware, electronics (my laptop and mouse are blue).  I once imagined remodeling my house in blue (sanity prevailed).  I once imagined getting my first new car in blue (it was a Toyota; they still don’t make a nice blue).  The college I chose, the University of Florida, proudly bears the colors orange and blue (coincidental…I think).

And, of course, my clothing choices lean heavily towards blue.  Even dismissing (blue) jeans, I would estimate nearly half my shirts are blue (be they polo, t-shirt or dress).  I am often told that “blue is your color”, mostly due to my eyes, which appear blue (especially when I’m wearing a blue shirt).  They are closer to green, but I’m happy for the confusion.

I’ve met many people who share my affection for the color blue.  The fun part about the preference is so many have a different “favorite”.  For some it’s deep towards midnight, others light towards sky, others bright towards metallic, others blended towards turquoise.  Even then, the affinity for blue allows some enjoyment of the other hues.

You don’t usually find that sort of color camaraderie with a yellow or red fan.  If you like fire engine red, you don’t necessarily have any interest in burgundy.  People who enjoy forest green are unmoved by olive green.  Blue people seem to “play nicer” with their neighboring shades.

So if you ever catch me a little down, don’t color me the wrong way…the least likely conclusion is that I’m feeling blue!

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