Are you a writer?


You writerI took my friend and her son to the Renaissance Festival last weekend and a good time was had by all.  He was especially thrilled by the extra-large bag of kettle corn, from which we filled his personal little paper bag in astonishing frequency.

During the course of our wanderings, we came across a tent where a calligrapher was working on signs as requested by customers.  The lady was friends with my friend and they chatted for a bit while I watched to make sure the youngling did not cause any disasters.

At one point, the lady asked me if I was a writer.  I said yes, thank you for noticing.  My friend looked surprised and wondered how the lady could have guessed that and she replied that I used a lot of words that most people don’t use.

I laughed in acknowledgement and told her that I adored words and, despite occasional accusations of being an elitist, was not shy about using the wide vocabulary I have learned and earned over the years.

Now, depending on the target audience, I will restrict the variety of words I use when writing, but even for a younger audience, I feel that offering an expanded vocabulary creates an opportunity for the occasional unknown words.

As for my speaking habits, well, what can I say, it must be the writer in me.

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