Anyone but family

anyone but familyWelp, the long-delayed life presentation has been delivered to my nieces.  Now, all that remains is to watch if they absorbed the critical information.

For you latecomers, there’s been a scheduled-canceled-rescheduled-re-canceled meeting for my darling two nieces on the very cusp of their future life (23 and 20, for you numbers peeps).  The talk ranged from what to do before they leave college to what to do to set up the rest of their lives (at least financially…this isn’t mind control).

The problem is, history whispers in my ear,  “No one in your family listens to you”.

If you were one of the three people following my blog since the start (and still sane, I think I my babbling may have sent one or two to the psyche ward), you may have read the tales.  As a refresher and for you newbies, let’s do a “Cliffs Notes” review of the details.

When I was a young accountant, early in my career, I volunteered to do my Mom’s books for her at the florist.  I was motivated by two thoughts:  Mom wasn’t very good with finances and who would look out for her more than me?

Later in life, as I was developing into a financial analyst (that’s corporate profitability and not stock broker), I offered some sage advice to my Dad on his investment choices.  Here, I was simply motivated by more in-depth economic knowledge and a natural desire to see my Dad properly protected.

You may already have guessed that the above mentions are there because (a) neither parent listened and (b) the results were not pleasant.  This is not a long-winded way of flattering myself.  Quite the contrary.  It’s a sad testament to my apparent lack of persuasiveness.

So, you can imagine my nervousness as I wait and hope my nieces take away at least some of the key morsels from the presentation.  I even gave them hard copies of the presentation, in hopes that they may choose to remind themselves later.

And I was so successful during my career in presentations and meetings.  Sadly, that power only seems to extend over anyone but family.