So, anticlimactic letdown?


trilogyNah, just a satisfied pause.

Already, friends, Romans and countrymen are peppering me with questions of what I plan to do next to market the trilogy.  They’re correct, I need to work at it.  In order to turn my trilogy into the little books that could, I have to sell them myself.

But, I’ve also gained a smidgen of wisdom over the last half decade (bringing my total accumulated wisdom up to the smidgen level) and that has taught me to appreciate one’s accomplishments fully.

So it is, I’m taking a day or three to just enjoy the pleasure of having completed the trilogy in a way I find satisfying.  Fans and readers can offer reinforcement, but I don’t need them for validation.  I finished the series and I’m happy with the results.

Marketing the books is something I need to address next.  I also have a terrific idea I’m working on with a friend that needs to be truly tested to see if it can be a business.  Finally, I have some projects I want to start writing and we’re at peak beach-going season for writing (I won’t yet drip sweat onto my laptop or pads).

Just not today.

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