Another dumb idea of mine


Ugh. I have to say it again. These comic books are going to be the end of me. It goes well beyond simply being older, too. It’s all about presentation and storage. Which leads, naturally, to another dumb idea of mine.

You shouldn’t need much of a backstory. By now, you know I am a comics fan. Been reading them all of my reading life (and a little before, bless those colorful pictures). Some of my college expenses were defrayed by selling comics. Now, I give away many of them each Halloween.

However, over the course of the years, the comic book industry has “matured”. Basically, it found that kids who have grown up, are willing to fork over big bucks to pay for collected volumes of old comics.

Some of this might have to do with the fact that those old comics would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to collect these days. Other reasons might include nostalgia and ease of reading.

As you may guess, I am one of those kids (although I reject the idea that I have grown up). So, I have many, many volumes of collected comics. And all of those are kept in bookcases surrounding me in my office. (Yes, I live alone…how did you guess?)

Unfortunately, those bookcases have accumulated across my working life. And at different economic strata. So, there are two that look alike and another two that look alike, but are different from the first two. And a straggler. Who knows when I picked up that one.

I look at their saggy shelves (impressive, though, considering their age and that they are the cheapest around) and decide, it’s time to replace them. And, make all of them the same, too.

But, my memory is not so fuzzy that I don’t recall how much of a bear it is to assemble furniture. Ugh, I say!

Nevertheless, a little online research reveals what I naturally suspected: good ol’ Wal-Mart is still the place to go for cheap bookcases. Cautious, I pick up only one to try out my aged body.

Assembly time is estimated an hour. More like 90 minutes. Still, not bad. All the parts are there, though some boards have nicks and flakes. Then, I lug the darn thing from the living room to the office. This is really a struggle to do alone. Ugh. Another dumb idea of mine.

Of course, I have to unload all the volumes from the original bookcase and stack them on the desk. Then I have to lug the old bookcase out in the hall. Then lug the new one inside.

Oh, good job measuring, dude…it’s five inches wider. Well, I don’t go into that closet very often anyway. Hey, now that I step back a moment, that’s chocolate, not cherry wood. Oh, great, now the other replacements have to be that color too. Yet another dumb idea of mine come home to roost.

One thing I did do better this time was to get a five-shelf bookcase instead of four. More stuff fits in so I should have ample room for future purchases. Except…

…more and more volumes are being published in hardcover format. These are much heavier than those old trade paperback collections. Now, I’m looking at those saggy shelves and wondering if getting a wider and taller bookcase was so smart after all. Still another dumb idea of mine?

I hope I don’t have a collapse in my future, but I’m going to hold to hope. I’m heading out shortly to pick up another bookcase. My plan is to build one a day until I’ve finished my replacement. My joints (and back) can’t handle assembling more than one piece of furniture at a time.

Let’s hope those shelves bear up to the weight of those hardcovers. Otherwise, it will just be proof of another dumb idea of mine.

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