And so it begins…


What Now blogThe final book in Jeremy Shuttle’s adventure with his amazing sketchbook is now under way.

You’ve followed Jeremy’s travels as he’s uncovered more about the sketchbook, more about his Dad’s mysterious disappearance and more about the part Jeremy and his imagination play in this strange and increasingly deadly chase.  Now, with “What Next?” having successfully launched and pulling even more fans into the tale, I find the ideas and imagery for Book 3 coming quicker and easier to mind.

It was my intention to take a break before jumping back into Jeremy’s world.  I left quite a mess to straighten and, frankly, was a little concerned about my housekeeping skills.  The enthusiasm of you readers infected me and soon I couldn’t resist jotting down a few story notes.  And then a few plot points.  And then…oh what the heck, let’s do an outline and see if it makes any sense.

Funny thing about writing; once you start, it takes on its own momentum.  I sketched an outline and then, due to all the dangling plotlines, mapped out a timeline.  The timeline led to a revising of the outline and so on.  Well, this was nice, but there was no way to tell if any of it was going to work.  Actually there is one way to tell.

I need to start writing the darn thing!

I’m pleased to realize that the original plan I had for the trilogy will ultimately bear out.  I am more pleased at the unplanned plot twists that arose during the writing of both books.  I promise some mind-blowing surprises in Book 3.  Surprises that will hopefully make you look up from your reading and, if not exclaim aloud, at least think…

…What Now?


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