And now for something completely the same


And, that’s done it. As of this past Sunday, both niecelings are officially diploma holders. One with a degree in Criminal Justice and the other in Biology. Introducing their next act: “And now for something completely the same.” (apologies to the great and beloved Monty Python’s Flying Circus)

My elder nieceling is three years older than her sister. After she graduated with her criminal justice degree, she dabbled in getting a job with law enforcement. She made several attempts, aborted mostly by her own indecision. Then she got a job at CVS and went back to school. She is now adding biology to her first degree. Her plan is to go for CSI work.

The younger nieceling was zooming along nicely at technical school to become a pharmacist. Then she changed her mind. A couple of times. Now she is holding her bachelor’s in biology and…working in a hospital while she goes back to school. To become an optometrist.

I’m proud of both ladies for their achievements and patient for their future goals. I’m a two degree man myself, though mine are unrelated to each other. And, I had a ten year gap between degrees, so the circumstances were different.

Still, multiple degrees for a purpose make sense. They will augment skills or they can change your career. Both choices can lead to a better life.

I recognize that it’s scary and unnerving to go out to look for your first “real” job. And, I get that lure to go back to the safety of school. I do think the niecelings could have gotten jobs in their professions and continued their studies while working.

Nevertheless, they have concrete goals in mind. As long as they are pursuing them, I don’t mind another episode of “And now for something completely the same.”

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