An expensive process


Don’t get me wrong, I’m thoroughly enjoying my commitment this year of every month cooking a new dish I’ve never made before, but, jeepers, it’s getting to be an expensive process.

I’ve been trying to manage the recipes using just my current stable of kitchen products but each succeeding recipe seems to be challenging me to add something else to my until now adequately stocked selection of utensils and equipment.

Last month, I broke down and got a Dutch Oven for my stuffed cabbage. It’s a great addition to my tools, but I also noted, at the time, I could probably upgrade my knives (my little paring knife was clumsy at coring the large head of cabbage).

Now, as I settle on Jamaican jerk chicken for the month of March recipe, it seems I need to add a blender or food processor in order to make the marinade for the chicken.

I hemmed and hawed, wavered and waffled and finally decided to go with the food processor. The decision was made more on what I most frequently do for my cooking choices, which includes lots of chopped onions, garlic and grating cheese.

The lure of a blender was tough to resist, as I subsisted on a blender only for many years before moving up to a full mixer (a holiday gift from a friend). Of course, every cooking “gadget” has its own “perfect” use and the mixer does fall short in some areas, so the blender urge has been out there for some time.

Here’s my concern: I am a minimalist. Few decorations on the walls, no coffee table or area rugs, and a clear kitchen counter.

When I remodeled my home, some eight years ago, I made a specific decision to create a larger, flat kitchen counter so I could have the room to prepare foods that the smallish kitchen itself could not provide.

I have been most pleased with that decision and, especially when I’m hosting parties, have used every inch of it (literally). Now, with the increased amount of gadgets added, I’m losing space on my kitchen counter.

I can maybe try a massive effort to reorganize cabinets and pantry, but the problem (?) is I use most of these gadgets frequently. I expect a similar effect with the upcoming food processor.

It’s one of those sort of “good problems to have”, I suppose. But it creates twitches in my minimalist OCD.

And, to the point of this post, considering I’ve made two new kitchen purchases in just the first three months of my challenge and considering my aforementioned acknowledgement of a growing need for new and expanded blade coverage, well, this cooking commitment is turning into an expensive process!

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