What to do when alone on Christmas


lonely christmasFor the first time in a decade, I will not be spending Christmas in Las Vegas with my best friend and her family.

The reasons for this shocking occurrence are many and varied, including my body’s exponentially growing intolerance to cold (maddening).

Regarding my family, times being hard, my sister opted to work Christmas day for the Post Office, which will pay her bonus time for the hours.  My Dad and Step-mom don’t celebrate any holidays (it’s an effort just to get them to go out for their birthdays).

I’m not likely to be first on my friends’ invite list for Christmas (smart decision), but it is the season for charity.  They will not know that I am unexpectedly in Florida this time of year, so will not think to invite me even if they were inclined.

That leaves me all alone.  Sad?  No reason to be; just no one to be with.  So, what to do?

Well, if you’re me, you start by cooking up a traditional holiday breakfast (pancakes and lots of bacon!), then grab the feather duster and vacuum and do some cleaning.  After that, a little exercise and a four-mile walk (my iPhone has an eclectic enough playlist that an excerpt from the Nutcracker played in the final quarter-mile).

On to cleaning myself up, a little lunch and then some writing (well, plotting).  I have Rudolph waiting to stream later (remember, no more cable TV) and then a light supper in preparation for tomorrow’s tennis and my big gift for myself (the new car).

I do think that perhaps I shouldn’t have given up my cable until after Christmas…however long will I have to wait now to see Doctor Who and Santa Claus available for streaming?

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