All I got for Christmas was food


Welp, here we are, the day after Christmas and I got no presents. No money or gift cards. No special keepsake or memorable trip. All I got for Christmas was food.

Full disclosure

Of course, in the interest of fairness, I should mention my oft-repeated qualifier that I’m not particularly religious. What religiousness still left in me is Jewish.

That’s not to say that I haven’t done the Christmas get together with friends and even, way back when, with family. Not the religious part, of course, but the visiting, present opening and other activities associated with the more material aspects of the holiday.

The hermit Christmas

Really, for the past several years, Christmas has been more of a stay-at-home holiday for me.

My nieces are grown up. My friends’ kids the same. And many of my friends reached the point where everyone thought it best to stop the gift-giving each year. One (or more) less name means less stress. I suppose.

I actually liked the gift giving, but I tend to be a bit generous and so may have been my own worst enemy on this front.

So, it came as some surprise when I got two (2!!) invitations to go out this Christmas.

The lunch

First up, Dad and Stepmom.

We went to a place called “Farmer’s Table”. It’s mostly a rabbit food restaurant. Of great consternation to someone like me with a huge affection for meat.

I have a good friend who likes to take me to rabbit food restaurants. I think she takes great pleasure in my pained look as I read the menu praying for something I can order.

Still, I managed to find a selection at this place and we had an excellent waiter, so the day was a success…

…until a crunching by some lady who neither saw my car nor heard me beeping. Fortunately, most of the impact was by her tire, leaving me with mostly smudges, a tiny paint chip and (maybe) an itsy bitsy dent.

Being Christmas and minor, I waved her on her way. It did cast a little pall on the end of the lunch, though.

The dinner

In the evening, I answered an invite from good friends who invited me over for their quiet Christmas dinner.

Their daughter and grandkids had been by earlier to visit and open presents, so it was an “adults only” meal.

After another another couple joins, we talked while waiting for the prime rib to finish cooking. I used my newly-gained experience with prime rib to warn her that the time she was planning on cooking the 5 lb. roast was likely too short. And so it turned out, as dinner was delayed about a half hour.

The night was filled with good conversation and good food. I was supposed to join them for a late movie until I found out it was Will Ferrell, at which point I declined. The only movie I liked Will Ferrell in was the Lego Movie.

All I got for Christmas was food

So, the day ended. It was a full day. Well, it was a full tummy day. Though, considering my hermit-like previous holidays, one could say it was a full day socially, as well.

No presents or money. All I got for Christmas was food. I even continued that this morning, when I popped out for my 50% Christmas candy.

I actually surprised myself with the restraint I showed. Just two bags of Hershey Kisses, a bag of York Peppermint Patties and a large box of chocolate covered cherries.

I am pleased because I should actually be able to finish that off before Easter candy arrives.

So, it’s not a complaint that all I got for Christmas was food. It’s really just what I wanted!

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