All aboard!


From nightmare to dream to reality. A long ride to a (hopefully) short finish. Come along, all of you, for the penultimate trip on my arboreal adventure. All aboard!

There’s no need to rehash the chain of disastrous events that led to my most recent bartering with the homeowners’ association (HOA). As usual, I’ve provided you a handy link to read about it.

After last month’s most encouraging response ever, everything was set for the big HOA walkthrough. Second week of March means this week or next. I was jazzed.

A tree story

Earlier this week, a notice was hanging on my front door. Board of Director’s meeting this Thursday night. (Yesterday, for you sticklers).

I debated what to do. Later, sitting at lunch with my friend, an experienced real estate man, I explained my quandary:

– Go to the BoD meeting and introduce myself. Make friends and grease wheels.

– Stay away, for fear of seeming too pushy

His advice: Go. Glad hand. Don’t be sarcastic (moi?).

And then. after lunch, I spend most of the day hemming and hawing. I’m going to go. Nah, I’ll stay home. No, I really should go. And finally, okay, I’m going.

Of course, even though I know where the meeting place is, I drive past it and have to do a U-turn. Not to worry, I was still the second person there.

We move to a small conference room in the back, about 10 chairs. And all 10 chairs fill up. Are you kidding me? Apparently, this was the most attended HOA BoD meeting in a long, long time.

Great. Just what I was looking for. Small chance of getting my issue up for discussion, right?

But, there is my name, right on the agenda. Not just my name, but my address and a whole description of my tree problem. Good grief! Talk about perfect timing!

Turns out, before I could even talk about my tree issue, others are telling their own tales of woe about trees. Driveways being uprooted. Mass sap and fruit dropping on cars and driveways. Dangerous limbs.

And then me. Everyone is sympathetic. Not only that, everyone agrees – my tree needs to go. It’s like one of those musical episodes from a TV series – everyone’s singing (metaphorically) the same tune.

I may have made some intimations that I would continue to show up for future BoD meetings. And, maybe, I didn’t turn down their invitation to join the board outright. But, listen, I wasn’t going to do anything to damage the esprit de corps flowing through the room.

So, now I wait. The only thing left to finally end this stressful and expensive journey is the actual removing of the tree. But, I no longer feel trepidation or doubt. Because now I have a feeling of anticipation and relief. Palpable and comforting.

The last leg of this trip should be approaching soon. I will be happy to relate it to you when it arrives. I expect it to be the final time you hear me shout, “All aboard” for an arboreal adventure at my home.

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  1. Steve Lewis

    Kudos for posting a photo of an actor I love: Miguel Ferrer, recently deceased, who brilliantly played Albert in Twin Peaks.

    On yeah, good luck with your HOA issue!

    • JMD

      And, of course, this seminal movie, as the skeevy “Bob”. He was indeed a great character actor.


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