Again or still?


What is it about BBQ’s in general and Halloween in particular that makes them so dangerous to me?

Okay, I kinda know the answer to both, but somehow that’s no consolation.

Tackling the first part…er…first, the BBQ parties I throw, though only twice a year, usually create all kinds of damage to my body.

Sometimes, it’s pretty consistent from BBQ to BBQ. I can always expect at least one finger on some hand (though usually the right, since I’m a lefty) to be sliced. Thankfully, to date, not severed, just cut up.

Also, I can guarantee one whale of a back ache from all the lifting, lugging, tugging and 12 uninterrupted hours on my feet.

Occasionally, like two years ago, I get an injury that seems to permanently impact me. That year, during a birthday BBQ, I got snagged by a tree root behind my house heading out to the grill (that stupid, deadly tree again!). What felt like at the time a twisted ankle has remained, years later, as a twinge in that ankle.

Halloween has its own unique threats to me. In the past, it was some mishap on ladders hanging lights or the constant bending to place objects in the ground. Last year, when I changed my design work from lights to creature effects, Halloween graced me with a new, possibly permanent, injury.

Throughout the course of laying down all those concrete edging stones and 400 pounds of mulch, I strained my wrist. Then, the worst came. Post-Halloween clean-up of all that mulch exacerbated the wrist injury to the point that it pained me to use the mouse or type on the keyboard (let alone bowl in my league).

Now, during current Halloween, despite substituting air-light styrofoam for all that mulch, my wrist seems to have been re-injured. Or, it could be the old injury, never fully healed, just more inflamed.

Now maybe a smart man would go to the doctor to have these various injuries checked out, but no normal man would.

Most normal people (yes, even a lot of women, too) try to avoid the doctor visit at all costs. It’s a lose-lose scenario: you find out nothing is wrong and feel like you wasted a lot of money (and time) for no reason or you find out something is wrong and at best have to go to painful therapy and at worst get recommended surgery.

Throw into the mix not having insurance and there’s definitely a disinclination to have a doctor “look into” my miscellaneous pains.

Of course, it could simply be age. My family is plagued by arthritis and it’s not impossible that I’m just exceeding the level of cartilage left in my joints.

Whatever the case, Halloween has injured me. Once again, or still.

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