Above the weather


It’s a beautiful day in sunny South Florida with a rising sun and temperature leading to rising spirits and energy.

One of the more popular features in my last newsletter was a section I called “Out on a limb”.  It was devoted to common catch-phrases and their origins (such as the feature title).  In that spirit, I researched the term “Under the weather”.

As is often the case for these things, while most people get the meaning of the phrase, often times the origins are of some debate.  In this case, the common belief is that it refers to seasickness resulting from choppy water due to storms.  The afflicted would often go under decks to a presumably less roiling area in hopes of recovering, thus they went “under the weather”.

It’s a fairly common occurrence to be influenced by the weather, if not physically, than certainly emotionally.  Feeling down on a dreary day.  Depressed by rainy days.  Worn down by endless snow and cold.  Ick.

Fortunately, I don’t do much “ick” on this site, so let’s talk about the obverse:  good weather days (like today, thank you).

Don’t you find an extra bounce in your step on a crisp, clear morning?  How spectacular is a nice night filled with stars?  When the plants are green and the flowers abloom, when the sun is shining and a gentle breeze stirs (but doesn’t muss) your hair, don’t you feel invigorated?  I sure do!

As a boy, I fancied myself as a solar battery.  When the sun was shining bright, I was packed with energy and raring to go do just about anything that required activity.  I couldn’t stand going to the beach.  Just sit around in the sun?  Bo-ring!

Later, I realized it wasn’t so much solar power, as simply good weather power (or whatever better name you can come up with).  I enjoyed moon and starlit nights as much as bright sun-shiny days.  For me, nighttime was the time to go to the beach.  With the moon just hinting enough of the ocean to gain a sense of scope, the water was a mysterious and mesmerizing thing, as much felt and heard as seen.

Even now, as I gaze out my office window at the landscaping outside, the sun makes the colors more vivid, the contrasts more sharp.  Were I not sitting here typing, I would be outside just gazing at the activity…bees dancing merrily from flower tipped tree limb to limb, leaves playfully swatted by the breeze, a darting squirrel; a posturing lizard.  Today we’re relatively cloudless, so there’s little imagery to create in the sky, but the impressive unmarked canopy of blue is a stunner, just the same.

Simple pleasures?  Of course, but it’s a pleasure I feel throughout my body, even into my spirit.  All things seem more positive on a day like this.

As a matter of fact, enough with this blog.  Let me pour myself a cup of iced tea and sit outside for a while.

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