review copyWith great pleasure (and a modicum of relief), the second rewrite of “What Now?” is complete.

I now enter the final “cool down” period before a last run-through for any missed edits and remaining “tightening”.  After that, it’s time to send out my Advance Advance Review Copies.

As I do with each completed book, I select a handful (literally; usually less than five) friends/readers that I believe will offer me the most insightful and helpful comments on my work.

These people and their thoughts have proven invaluable.  In both previous installments of the series, I have made small changes in the books based on some comment or question from one of my advance readers.  In both instances, I did not have the necessary distance from the material to see the need for the changes and in both instances the books were improved.

It’s unfortunate that I tend to finish these books in the midst of the holidays, for that puts pressure on my reviewers I would prefer to spare them.  Part of what makes them invaluable is that they make the time to read the manuscripts anyway.

Fortunately, modern technology makes this process less painful.  I convert the book into e-reader compatible formats which allows my reviewers to read the book “on the go”.  This process has definitely reduced the strain on the time requirements I place on them.

I’m still focused on hitting my mid-January goal and if I do, you have the terrific support of my advance reviewers to thank for that!

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