A surprisingly pleasant Mother’s Day


Families. Some families are all about love. And some are filled with aggravation. More likely, if yours is like mine, they are filled with both. And, what better time to show both sides than at family get-togethers. But, I got a shock this year. Because I had a surprisingly pleasant Mother’s Day.

Generally, our holiday dinners have a pattern. Visit with sister, nieces argue either with her or each other, possibly Sis and Bro-in-law argue over something petty and something political gets discussed making a mess.

But, this year, everything seemed to bend to our will.

I usually do the driving. Leaving my house in the pouring rain, I added extra time to allow for the slower traffic.

Nope. 9 minutes. Nine. I don’t think I’ve ever had a run that quick. Certainly not on a holiday and in the rain.

My Dad and Stepmom are in their upper 80’s. She has some ailments that make her somewhat unsteady and even Dad is slowing a little these days. So, I’m extra careful on slippery and wet surfaces.

But, nicely, the rain stopped by the time we got to my Sister’s, so, although the walkway was wet, everyone could go in unencumbered.

My younger nieceling was there, which was nice, because I thought she was working. She was able to stay for an hour before leaving. She missed dinner, but not the grandparents. Plus, she got along with her Mom.

That’s the point I knew something special was happening.

Elder nieceling came later. Through her boyfriend, my Dad had purchased steaks for the dinner (his gift). Her boyfriend, a meat manager, finagled unbelievable prime quality filet mignon steaks for us. When I say “melts like butter” it is descriptive, not hyperbole.

During the meal, strangeness continued – no one argued. There was laughter, good-natured ribbing and genuine affection. It was like a greeting card. Seriously, a surprisingly pleasant Mother’s Day.

Of course, after the pies and cake, Dad had to throw a Trump comment out there and as my Bro-in-law began to respond, I stood up from the table and began shooing the parental units to the door.

We escaped without the instigator (Dad) causing any real damage. Nice cards, hugs and kisses and finally goodbyes.

Despite pouring rain throughout the meal, the rain stopped before we left. Another timely gift.

So, yeah, without equivocation, a surprisingly pleasant Mother’s Day. Here’s hoping everyone brings that with them to my birthday BBQ later this month!

4 Responses to “A surprisingly pleasant Mother’s Day”

    • JMD

      Despite my best efforts to prevent them, they always ask after you.

      Even after telling them you are locked up in a South American jail for smuggling old original art across the border doesn’t seem to faze them.

      But, yes, you and Dad are simpatico.

  1. Steve

    Your story fails to hold water. As a writer I am sure you could do better, but it is still unlikely they can be convinced.

    Next time we visit South Florida, I will make sure to dedicate a day and threaten you with my presence.

    • JMD

      If you do that, I will commit to coordinating the parentals. Then you and Dad can have a Trumpfest.


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