A small act of faith


act of faithSometimes you just have to take a leap.

I’ve been loathe to book any advance lodging plans for my Great North American Baseball Road Trip (GNABRT) because of all the what ifs that could alter my plans (like, what if there’s a rainout, what if the schedule changes, what if I get delayed).

I have begun to realize I just can’t play it that way any longer.  With the trip now a little over five weeks away, I have to take my stand against negativity and have some faith that things will turn out okay.

So saying, I’ve begun my bookings for the first part of the trip.

I switched an intended visit to Roswell, New Mexico instead to Carlsbad Caverns.  That will occur after my first two baseball games, so that’s an assumption of two games on schedule.

I’ve gone ahead and booked the next stop in Phoenix, putting myself in “reasonable” walking distance to the stadium (hey, if I can walk 7 miles or so in Florida heat, a mile in Phoenix evening air won’t kill me).  That requires faith of no rain (usually a good probability in that area).

I now have to seriously consider the two northwest national parks, Glacier and Yellowstone, to decide whether it would be smarter to stay in the parks (pricey and less amenities) or driving to the parks.  I’ve begun comparing distances, prices and features (such as no wireless in the parks, which means no daily blogs).  Staying in the park means probably booking within the next week or so.

One thing becoming painfully apparent is that I have probably underestimated the cost of the trip.  This would mean a third revision to my cost estimate and now reaching proportions of alarming size.  The only bright side I can see is that if I had come up with this estimate originally, I might never have planned the trip at all!

Thankfully, another thing I’m finding out is that many hotels are no longer charging cancellation fees.  It is certainly making the booking part less financially scary (though I will still feel guilty if I cost someone else a room by canceling late).

Southern California is my next scheduling test, requiring still more faith that good fortune (and Mother Nature) favor me on my trip.

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