A pound of prevention


Halloween is coming!

No, I’m not in a time warp. Neither are you. But, I am more likely preoccupied with Halloween than most any of you.

While my plans for my big display this year are still percolating (trying to top last year’s Dead Thing Pen), there are some things I can jump on now. Because, well, five months isn’t really that long.

The most important move I made this year already is calling out an electrician to install an additional double-socket GFCI receptor on the north front of my house.

In past Halloweens, I’ve pumped all my electrically powered accoutrements through my original 4-socket GFI box on the south front of the house. Unfortunately, my enthusiastic design ideas come at a cost…too much power for a single outlet box.

So, I would wake up the next morning, find the GFI outside tripped and my inflatables would become deflatables. Oh, woe, ’twas a sad, sad thing.

Beyond even that, the nature of crossing the extension cords (not quite, but similar to crossing the streams in Ghostbusters) created some potential danger for little people who might not see them as well at night. Though no accidents have ever occurred (I do take a lot of precautions), this gave me yet another reason for an additional outlet.

Of course, these things don’t come cheap. Well, they might, but this one sure didn’t. Nevertheless, I’m all set now with an outlet box on both sides of the driveway, pulling from different fuses in the main switch box, so I’m looking forward to years of expansion before I have to be concerned again.

Next up, plotting out the advanced, supercalifragilistic new Dead Things Driveway for 2017. Right after the birthday bbq is over.

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