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<As promised when I started this public blog, I will occasionally dredge up a post from my (now departed) private blog.  I have taken the liberty to edit the post for relevance.  Now, read on…>


I haven’t done a potpourri post in a long while; today’s ramblings will fill that vacuum.

Shine a little light on my life

Have you ever noticed that light bulbs never last as long as they are supposed to?  I can’t say that this was the case with my bathroom lights, after all, I’ve been home exclusively for a while and they have been on considerably more than if I were spending 50-60 hours a week away from home.  Still, plenty of times I have replaced bulbs only to watch them sputter out after only a few months.  Could be wiring, or fixtures or power surges.  Or it could be that they just don’t last as long as they say.

On one of my many shopping trips to “super” Wal-Mart (cue “Adventures of Superman” whooshing sound), I decided to switch out to those funky swirly lights.  You know the type; the ones that you have to put on haz-mat suits if they break and then move to Oregon while they decontaminate your home.  Yeah, those.

Anyhoo, I bought these 13 watt (same as 60 watts!, the package screams at you) and chose the ones listed as “daylight”.  Up to now, I have been a fan of the “Reveal” GE bulbs that give a nice clean white light vs. the yellowish tint of the soft white bulbs.  With two sets of three prong light fixtures in the bathroom (What?  I like light), I had an added advantage of turning the lights on and closing the door for 10-15 minutes before showering in the winter….mmmm, toasty!

After installing the bulbs, I flicked the lights back on and was stunned by two revelations.  First, my “reveal” bulbs now appeared yellowish in hue and second, if anything should be called reveal, it’s these “daylight” bulbs.  The light is truly like outside light.  That was initially a bit disconcerting as to how “raw” I looked in the bathroom mirror now.  Talk about facing yourself!  After recovering from the shock (I now understand what all of you have to go through when I visit…I’m so sorry), I decided to go back to super Wal-Mart and get more of these bulbs for the rest of the sockets.  I can use the remaining “old” bulbs for the guest bathroom.  No reason my guests have to see themselves so clearly…I want them to leave happy!

Only two drawbacks have come to light (honestly, no pun intended) since changing out all the bulbs.  It takes a second or two for all the lights to turn on (similar to a bank of fluorescents) and they generate no heat whatsoever.  Oh sure, hot to the touch, but my bathroom heating trick is lost forever.

I see a white (bath)room and I want it painted back

Sticking in the master bathroom for a little longer, I had to make an adjustment to the towel rack originally hung by the contractors, way back when.  It was rocking a little bit and replacing the wall anchor and retightening was insufficient to the task.

I went to Home Depot and got some DAP to seal up the holes and then redrilled and anchored the rack.  Solid as a rock.  Of course, now the wall needed repainting.  Fortunately, I knew the exact paint color I had originally chosen for the wall, a Behr brand paint called “nude” (WF210 for you color code fans).  It is basically of the off-white family, leaning a little to the flesh tone, as the name might imply.  Happily, for such a small job, they were able to mix me a little container of paint (perhaps the size of a small pickled herring jar — which probably only the Jewish readers will be able to visualize).

After selecting appropriate brushes, I returned home, detached the towel rack and painted over the DAP.

Gee, that seems a little light.  Maybe it darkens as it dries?

Yeah, you guessed it.  That didn’t happen.  How about a second coat?  Or a third?  Was the paint mixed enough?  No, no and yes.

So.  Now I will need to detach the rack again, take a picture of the wall surrounding the painted area and go back to Home Depot and ask if there is a finish or other property (such as primer) which could cause the deeper color of the original wall versus the paint I have.  How nice that I have “real” daylight to photograph it in.  Of course, it could simply be they mixed the paint wrong.  Seeing how it only cost $2.68, I’m hardly upset.  It’s just a little more tedious, that’s all.

Paperback Writer

A funny thought occurred to me the other day while I was shaving.  Often times, that is when most of my funny thoughts come, both funny ha-ha and funny strange (which is not to say those are mutually exclusive).

Anyhoo, I was preparing to see some ex-coworkers for lunch that I had not seen in many months.  I realized that one of the first questions that would be asked was “any news on the book?”, or some variation thereof.  That’s where the funny thought occurred.

Imagine, if you will, that I had some extraordinary development (a marketing partnership or an agent calling to represent me).  What do you suppose my reaction would be after hanging up and passing out? Well, I suppose I could pass out first, but that could create confusion on the other end of the line, so I’ll try to be strong.  You bet, I would keep it secret from all my friends and family for months.


Within seconds, I would be contacting everyone I know.  Minutes after I got off the phone with everyone I know, I would then start on those I don’t know.  Then I might even call people whose phone numbers I didn’t know.  Well, obviously.  I need to drum up sales and consumer demand!

Still, I suppose no one actually thinks about that and it’s a natural conversation starter.  Sounds better than “boy, some weather, huh?”  When I pointed it out to my lunch companions they nodded with sheepish smiles, agreeing that it was unlikely I wouldn’t have already informed them something was up.

Fortunately, it was raining hard that day and we WERE able to talk about the weather.

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