A mute point


a-mute-pointI was certain nothing and no one in my household was going to be more glad that today marks the end of this horrific election. But I reckoned incorrectly, for I forgot about something.

The mute button on my TV remote.

Oh, my poor beleaguered mute button. For months upon months, I’ve abused that little square as political ad after political ad and campaign surrogate after campaign surrogate popped up on the tube.

And then, October hit. Every available minute of air time seemed to be a political ad. It even got to the point I welcomed Flo or ED ads, if only to spare me (though I muted those, too).

That poor button. Over and over, with unconsciously increasing force, I mashed that button to prevent hearing the “I approve this message” ads and the even worse non-approved ones.

Compounding the deluge were ads for candidates that weren’t even on my ballot!

So, yes, I will be relieved tomorrow. But my TV remote mute button will be ever more thankful.

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