A moment of not silence

A moment of not silence - it's time to speak up and out about making the changes that most of us want but Congress refuses to do.

Again? Or is it “still”? We know how this will play out. First come the thoughts and prayers and then, all over the country, various moments of silence in “respect” of the dead. Here’s a thought that might have a prayer of respecting the lost lives: how about a moment of not silence?

A moment of not realizing

Talking to someone about hate related to specific religions, I point out that there is hate enough to go around and mentioned these most recent shootings.

While the first response was sympathy for the lost lives, the next comment was, “but now they’ll come to take away our guns”.

So, I point out that among the two dozen Democrats running for the nomination, only one had mentioned removing guns, assault rifles, and that person had already dropped from the race.

Then I said that what all of them support is universal background checks. To this person’s credit, they agreed and even said that gun owners they knew also thought that would be a good idea.

Nothing to fear but fear itself

No, they’re not

So, of course, as soon as I post this, I expect the usual recoil and potential epithets such as “snowflake”, “socialist” and “liberal”.

I get the criticism, I do. Those people are afraid. They are afraid because people in power and even, sadly, people in government tell them to be.

But, it’s bogus. The claim, for sure, and, really, the fear. For the claim, here is a handy guide I created just over a year ago.

But, as for the fear? Well, look at it this way: the Supreme Court is now stacked with conservative judges for the next 40 years. Nothing is going to take away your right to bear arms in your lifetime. There is no need to fear the false claim of “they just want a foot in the door”.

A moment of not silence

So, given that your personal guns are safe and you surely don’t want wackos running around with guns (they make you honest gun owners look bad and, you know, they kill people), it’s time to speak up.

I\m not calling on Republicans. Or Democrats. I’m calling on husbands and wives. Moms and Dads. Sons and Daughters. Sisters and Brothers. Friends and neighbors.

Maybe you’ve had someone be a victim. Maybe, thank goodness, you’ve avoided it. But, you surely wouldn’t wish that on anyone and you surely don’t want it to happen to you or yours.

A simple first step. Universal background checks. Don’t let people who shouldn’t have guns get hold of them. It’s pretty easy to take that first step. All it requires is a moment of not silence.

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