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Before starting this scintillating public blog, I used to blog more “privately” (it was still accessible by anyone who cared to look, I just never “advertised” it).  Occasionally, I would hit a day when I didn’t have anything that would take up an entire post, so I would blather a “potpourri” blog that day.  I think that’s a technique I will use here as well.  Therefore, in no particular order of importance…

A picture is worth a thousand…lawyers?

Last blog, I finally added a picture to my post (after nearly four months of uninterrupted words).  Granted, I snuck it in at the end of the post, but it still qualifies as a “graphic”.

Despite years of using illustrations, photos and pictures in my various creative endeavors (from newsletters to advertisements), I have been a tad gun-shy about employing graphics in my blog.

I love working off pictorial references, especially oblique or obscure ones that make the reader have to think to see the connection.  My concern stems from the fact that this is a “business” site.  Surely, the blogs have little to do with actually selling my book and there is no e-commerce on the site, but this is still a locus for people who have either bought the book or to attract and entice people to do so.

I have no understanding of legal requirements for attribution and/or ownership, even for the seemingly innocuous random pictures or illos on the web.  Will their inclusion require more than a © or TM mark?  Is there some disclaimer I need to add to make my site “harmless”?

I plan on looking into this subject more, since I yearn to add a little more fun into some of the blogs (not all, sorry) for you, the readers and for myself as a creative challenge.  Hopefully the results will be encouraging.  The walls on this place are pretty bare and I could use a few good pictures to liven it up a little.

Stormy weather

We are now just ten days from the start of another hurricane season.  The pundits are out beating the drums of doom for a half dozen (or more) big storms to hit the coasts again this year.  I worry about these prognostications each May.  Every time we don’t get hammered, the masses begin to get a little more jaded about the “forecasts”.  I wouldn’t want these guys to sound like the boy who cried wolf, if they don’t already.

As a lifelong resident of Florida and a survivor of some direct hits from smaller storms, I need no reminders, cautionary tales or kicks in the can to get prepared.  I tend to begin my “stocking runs” much earlier in the year, picking up the food items and storing them in the back of the closet.  Saving the plastic half-gallon milk cartons allows me to fill up and store plenty of filtered water as well as freezing a few and keeping them in the freezer at the beginning of season.  Getting the extra tank of propane, the extra trash and storage bags, the rope and duct tape (you can never have enough duct tape), paper goods (who knows if you’ll be able to wash dishes); the list is pretty comprehensive, but fairly straightforward and most of it can be done well before June 1st.

It never fails, though, as soon as the first Atlantic storm is suggested to be heading this way, the end-of-the-world shopping occurs, vacating shelves of scores of goods that could have been less stressfully purchased weeks (or even months) earlier.  It’s one of those odd rites that defy the lessons of time, where everyone knows they are going to buy these things at some point in the hurricane season but never seem to step up until the threat is “real”.  We are nutty like that sometimes.

We desperately need rain down here (especially our beleaguered Lake Okeechobee) so I wouldn’t mind a little tropical depression hovering for a couple days around the middle of the state, but I’m crossing my fingers I don’t have to use all these supplies.

The upside on no storms is that most of this stuff can duplicate what I need for a bunch of BBQ’s at the house.  And, of course, our annual end-of-another-hurricane-season block party!

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